Septic Pumping Service
Full Septic Service

A+ Septic provides all of our customers with high quality professional service. We promise fast service and are available for after-hours emergencies.

If you are experiencing septic problems and need to have your septic system pumped, A+ Septic Pumping Service is prepared to assist you. We are ready to pump, clean and properly get rid of the waste.

No matter what type of septic system your home has, we service anaerobic septic systems and aerobic septic systems.

Aerobic Septic Systems

The key differences from a conventional septic method are the aeration stage and the sanitizing stage. To isolate solids, fats and grease, conventional septic systems use only the septic tank.

For digestion, an aerobic treatment unit uses oxygen injection. A high quality secondary effluent that can be sterilized and used for surface irrigation is provided by the aerobic treatment system.

The pre-treatment tank should be washed at least once every two years. Older systems that have been ignored may need all three tanks in the cleaned system to clear any solid overflow.

Septic Pumping Service
Anaerobic Septic Systems

Anaerobic septic systems include the use of bacteria that do not need oxygen to survive. Anaerobic septic systems consist of a treatment tank and a leaching area.

Wastewater is sent to the reservoir where solid waste is seated at the bottom, effluent in the centre, and waste at the top. Within the septic tank, solid waste is dissolved and ingested by anaerobic bacteria.

Routine pumping and cleaning can ensure no clogging, backup of sewage or expensive repairs. As a family-owned and run company for over 25 years, we stand behind our jobs and do our job for the first time.

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